You have been walking since it seems like day one. Your throat is screaming, and begging for water. But, as you walk for a while, you notice there are lanterns, lights, and big houses everywhere. It looks like someone made a village carelessly in the middle of the forest, but it felt very comforting here(Lantern City). Two fairies come up to you, gesturing and saying "Come, come to us." You walk, dazed like you are in a dream. Your elf ears seem filled with dirt, and you are so weak you feel like you may pass out. But here, you don't feel tired anymore.

As you walk a few miles, you see a big bar. Everyone is united, talking, playing cards, and drinking. All you want is a glass of beer, but before you can do anything, someone walks up to you. You recognize her from before. She gives you some rum, and drink it all. Everyone comes running up to you, saying, "Welcome back to the Fire Kingdoms!"

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